An Important Component of Your Dental Video Marketing

Why Your Video Marketing Strategy Must Include You

You did it! You dove in head first and started using videos to attract new business to your dental office. The problem? You’re not in any of those videos. Neither is your team. You’re using stock videos to educate your patients, and you’re leaving opportunity on the table.

Introducing: Authentic Dental Practice Videos.

Authentic video is video of you and your team. It’s video that shows you in action or speaking to your audience. It’s authentic because it’s you.

Many dental offices shy away from this style of video for several reasons.

  • It’s uncomfortable to produce;
  • It’s hard to find topics to talk about;
  • It’s awkward talking on camera;
  • It’s expensive to make;
  • It’s time consuming.

Although producing quality videos of your team can take up more time than buying a stock video, the rewards are well worth the investment. Here’s what authenticity can do for your dental video marketing.

Authentic Videos are Easier and Cheaper Than You Think

It’s easy to get caught in the myth that creating authentic videos is difficult and expensive. When you use social media, you can create authentic videos in seconds.

Deciding on the style of videos you want will determine the price you pay.

For example, if you use platforms, such as Instagram, you only have up 15-seconds to record a quick video. If you use Facebook Live to broadcast something exciting from your office, you have much longer. Both platforms are free to use and can generate tremendous interest online.

However, if you’re creating videos for your website, you will want to invest in a professional videographer to help you film and produce. This can be a little more expensive, but maybe not as pricey as you might think. Shop around to get a variety of quotes.

Then, consider the ROI. How much are you paying for your stock videos now? How much more could you make by switching to authentic videos?

Let’s take a closer look why authentic videos tend to have a higher ROI and why it can pay off big time to make the switch to putting more of you on screen.

Authentic Videos of Your Dental Practice Eliminate Fear

Have you ever been on a blind date? You show up at the agreed upon restuarant eager, but equally nervous, to see who will be sitting across from you at the table. It’s an anxiety-inducing experience.

Now, imagine you didn’t want to date. You hated dating. You had no interest but your friend shoved you out the door, forcing you into this uncomfortable situation. Those nerves you had before? They’re on fire and now you’re terrified.

That’s what it feels like when a new patient arrives at your office without seeing you before entering your office. She doesn’t know what to expect. A standard headshot on your website isn’t the same as seeing you interact with others, watching you work, or seeing your office in action. It’s like a blind date with your entire team.

In an industry where fear is already a reality, providing authentic videos of you and your team can reduce that anxiety and make it easier to walk through your doors for an appointment.

Authenticity Inspires Trust

When marketing your dental office, you must stay laser focused on what’s going through your patient’s mind when she calls.

  • Is she unhappy with the experience she had at her old dentist and she’s looking for a new one?
  • Does she need to start coming in for regular cleanings but hasn’t found the right dentist yet?
  • Does she have an urgent dental concern but doesn’t have a dentist so she’s scoping out someone who can help?

In each of these scenarios, the patient is looking for someone she can trust. She needs to know with certainty that she’s going to see a dentist who will do quality work with the least amount of discomfort.

Dental Practice Videos offer a certain level of transparency that inspires that kind of trust before your patient is in your chair.

By showing you and your team on film, you’re giving behind-the-scenes access to your dental office’s operations. The more your patient or prospect sees, the easier it is to trust that the quality care you claim to provide is more than smoke and mirrors.

She can see that you’re talented with a comforting chairside manner. That kind of trust builds your brand image and makes it easier for the person looking for a new dentist to choose you.

Authentic Dental Practice Videos Build Awareness

If you have a video marketing strategy already, chances are you’re showing off the various products or services you have to offer. These explanations are important but without a human connection behind the message, they’re not making as big of an impact as they could.

Sometimes, simply hearing you talk about a procedure, or watching you introduce a product, is enough to make a patient choose you. Ask your patients to share their experience on a quick 30 second video and bring your reviews and testimonials to life.

Put a human face to the dental service and you’ll instantly make it more compelling.

Many dentists don’t get on film talking about their services. By producing your own authentic videos, you’re able to build awareness by creating engaging videos that people are more inclined to watch. If you’re confident about the subject matter, patients are drawn to your message.


Authentic Dental Practice Videos Make it Easier to Pick Up the Phone and Call

Ultimately, marketing is about getting people to engage with your dental office. The end goal? Get patients and prospects on the phone with your team to book the appointment and get them into your office.

Get the front office on film talking about what to expect, or simply introducing themselves.

When your patient or prospect knows who she’ll likely speak to when she calls, it’s easier to pick up the phone. She can visualize the person on the other end of the line. It feels personable and warm instead of worrisome and cold. It takes the anxiety out of the call, making it easier to pick up the phone and dial your office’s number.

Authenticity Makes it Easier to Keep the Appointment

Another way to use these videos is to introduce new patients to your team before their first visit. Send videos of your team and dentists in a welcome message to your new patients. Take your new patients on a video tour of the dental office. The fewer questions a new patient has about what to expect when she walks through your doors, the easier it’ll be to keep her appointment.

Ready to Start?

Creating authentic dental practice videos doesn’t have to be hard, but knowing where to start or how to produce them can feel daunting. That’s where we come in.

To get started with effective, authentic videos for your dental office, contact us for your free Mastery Lab Coaching Call.

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