How to Stay Connected With your Patients from Behind your Mask

COVID has challenged the dental profession in innumerable ways. Everything from scheduling to check-in, to the way we dress has changed how we connect with our patients and our team. One of the biggest challenges is the deep sense of disconnection and emotional separation our offices feel. This comes as no surprise as we are working behind plexiglass barriers and covered head to toe in our PPE gear. The good news is, you can become incredibly resourceful and creative in overcoming these physical barriers to recharge your patient experience.

Did you know emotional connection is more important than customer satisfaction? It’s true.

5 meaningful ways to connect with your patients from behind the mask

Our emotions can motivate us to take action and are the driving force behind a customer’s desire to build a relationship with your business.
When traditional ways of connecting emotionally: smiling and handshakes go away, and eye contact is limited, what do we do?

It turns out there are several emotional motivators that don’t require physical touch or in-person contact. (Add link)The Harvard Business Review explains that emotional connection with customers means “…tapping into their fundamental motivations and fulfilling their deep, often unspoken emotional needs.” So, how do we do that in our dental offices?

You must first determine the high impact motivators patients truly desire when it comes to emotionally connecting with your business.
5 high-impact motivators to use:

  • Be the person I want to be
  • Have confidence in the future
  • Feel a sense of belonging
  • Stand out from the crowd
  • Enjoy a sense of wellbeing

If you can help them fulfill their needs, they will feel connected in a way that goes deeper than a smile.

5 Strategies to Build a Better Dental Patient Experience

Emotional need: Be the person I want to be
This emotional need is the desire for ongoing self-improvement; to live up to their ideal self-image.

Strategy: When marketing services, focus on how the service will help the patient reach their ideal self. If you are marketing for Invisalign, focus on the outcome. For some, their ideal self-image may be to finally have the smile they’ve always wanted. Communicate on the benefits your patients want to achieve rather than on the clear aligner’s technical elements.

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