How to Gain Patients: Dental Practice Best Practices

Trust fosters meaningful relationships that bring patients back time and time again. Marketing offers may work temporarily, but building trust is the best way to build lasting relationships with your patients. Want to gain new patients and keep your existing ones coming back? Follow these best practices for developing a trustworthy image for yourself as well as your practice.


Nothing builds trust like meeting and exceeding expectations. Always provide exactly what you advertise and ensure that every patient walks away having received the same level of care. Also, patients who had a good experience will expect to receive the same level of care every time. If you are successful in meeting these expectations, you won’t have any problem retaining long-term patients.

Become an Educator

Set yourself apart as an expert in your field by educating your patients. The more useful and pertinent information you can provide, the more trustworthy you will become in the eyes of your patients. Provide brochures with benefits of treatment, create blogs and case success stories, record videos; all of these strategies are great ways to educate your patients and earn their trust.


Let your patients speak for you! Reviews are a great way to drum up interest because they allow the community you serve to act to as your promoters. Be sure to acknowledge reviews (good and bad) when they come in; your attention to service will have a lasting impression on potential patients.

Accessibility & Honest Communication

Be sure your entire team becomes accessible, open, and honest with your patients. The easier you are to talk to, the easier you\u2019ll be to trust. Actively listen to the concerns and problems of your patients, and respond by offering empathy, recommendations and insights. Taking the time to interact with your patients at an individual level is a great way to build trust.

Using Media

Media is a great tool to connect with potential patients by meeting them where they are at. Discover what your community pays attention to and be authentic when promoting yourself in the local media to gain trust. Every media promotion should look as professional and up-to-date as possible but be sure you represent yourself and the office as a patient would experience during their visit.

So, if you are looking to gain patients, work on creating a trustworthy image. With these simple tools, you can augment your list of patients and maintain the long-lasting, bread-and-butter relationships that will keep you in practice.

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