It’s Not About Luck: Create a Winning Marketing Strategy in 3 Easy Steps

When you’re marketing a dental practice, it’s easy to feel like the whole thing is less of a science and more of a gamble. A post you adore may attract only a handful of readers, while some goofy photo goes viral.
Marketing isn’t a quick game of luck, like Bingo. It’s a strategy game, and success takes time and planning. Here are the basic steps to creating a winning marketing strategy.

Step 1: Know Your Resources
Too many practices launch into marketing without taking full stock of their resources. So, what are your resources for marketing at the current moment? They are:
Your marketing budget. Even low-cost marketing like social media still has a cost if you want to succeed. Effective marketing requires time and consistency. If your budget fluctuates with the seasons, you’re sabotaging your marketing results.
Your staffing strength. Do you have a dedicated marketing team, or is this going to be another task for an already busy team member to squeeze into their day?
Your existing patient base. In today’s world, it’s not just what you say, it’s who you know. Who are your patients? How are they connected to the larger community?
Your social media followers. The best campaigns take advantage of existing networks to reach a larger audience.
Your data from previous campaigns. You have been collecting data before now, right? Knowing what’s working well and what’s not will help you craft your current strategy.

Step 2: Know Your Goal
Who are you trying to reach? Cool young singles? Recent retirees? Concerned parents? Don’t say “everyone.” A campaign designed to reach “everyone” reaches no one.
Once you have your focus, you can start thinking about the message that will attract group.
For instance, health-conscious young adults might be reached by a wellness/self-improvement message. Recent retirees may be most concerned about affording care now that they no longer have dental insurance. Young parents may want advice on issues like sleep apnea or proper tooth growth.

Step 3: Set up Data-Collection
Even if you haven’t collected data on your marketing campaigns before, it’s time to start. Social media platforms can give you some data on likes, follows and shares. You’ll also need information on calls to the office.
Call tracking companies provide multiple phone numbers for marketing campaigns and keep track of how many calls come from each campaign. This can give you a good picture of which sites/ads are generating new patients for your office. You’ll also want to track your return on invest (ROI) but tracking your marketing costs and the production made from each source. That way, you’ll have the data you need to make good marketing decisions in the future.

Write and Post Your Ads
Now that you’ve laid the foundations for a great campaign, it’s time to get out there and meet your new patients. Start your campaign, track your data as it comes in, and react quickly as you see new opportunities. With data and strategy, you’ll be winning the marketing game for years to come.
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