The Easy Way to Create Authentic Social Media Posts

Where to Find Social Media Posts for Your Dental Office

You know it’s important to keep your social media channels populated with frequent, new posts, but what do you post? Thankfully most website providers have ready-made posts to talk about dental care and services to help you keep your social media channels active.

But any web provider or marketing person will tell you that social media, is meant to be social and to create authentic posts to support your practice culture. The posts that receive the high engagement and response will come from posts you, your team or patients create, not from stock content.

Knowing what to share, can feel daunting. To help you overcome social posting anxiety, here are seven sources to stir your creativity and get you filling your social channels with genuine content that supports your practice brand.

National Days and Months

Every day is a national day for something or other. Every month represents a cause or a historical period for people to honor. Keeping a pulse on what those days and months are can help you get some relevant and accessible social media content.

Here are a few resources to help you find this content:

Local Events

Social media marketing should be 20% promotion (if that) and 80% value. One unique way to add value is to talk about other things happening in your community outside of your practice. Sharing local events, such as races, festivals, or shows, can help your audience feel more connected to your business through a common interest. Get connected to the local newspaper, community centers, libraries, clubs and city calendars to stay in the know. Bonus points if you sponsor any of the local events you share!  

Team Tips or News

Your team works in the trenches every day. They talk to your patients and read your industry news. Chances are, they also come up with new tips that can help your audience improve their oral hygiene or get a better smile.

Use these tips on your social media page. Share any fun ideas your team has had recently, or any interesting news articles your team has come across in their regular line of work. Your patients will benefit from them too, and appreciate hearing about what you have found most interesting.

Patient Video Reviews or News

Give your patients their moment in the spotlight! Many people love to share their testimonials, especially when the work you’ve done on their smile has changed their life for the better. Give them this opportunity by sharing their video reviews.

Another way to give your patients a voice is to share their news with your audience. If one of your patients has achieved something spectacular, highlight it on your social media pages. For example, if a patient participated in the Boston Marathon, share the story with your followers. You’ll build a stronger, more engaged community by giving kudos to other people in this way.

Shout Outs to Local Businesses

Like your patients, local businesses do exceptional things every day too. Help them spread the word on a worthy cause or event they’re involved in. If a local business sends their team to your office, show them some support by sharing their accomplishments on your social media networks too. Let the community know you support local business by praising the lattes at the local coffee shop or share a picture of your team enjoying lunch at the hamburger place a round the corner.  

Cross-Pollinate Your Marketing

Did you just launch a television ad campaign? Did your direct mailer just get distributed to the area neighborhoods? Your other marketing materials are gold mines for social media content. Grab snippets of these and put them to work on social media. This is helpful for two reasons.

  1. Offering up teasers of what your audience will hear/see/read will make their ears perk up when your next marketing campaign comes into their world view;
  2. You’ll keep your brand consistent across all platforms, which will help your audience identify your brand as soon as they see you.

Harnessing your existing marketing material is an easy way to capitalize on the materials that are already in your arsenal so you can maximize their impact across each channel you use.

Other People’s Work

When in doubt, share something from someone else that you found interesting. If the content is relevant to the dental industry, or the community you serve, your audience will benefit from hearing it.

Your audience will appreciate hearing from other sources too. It helps solidify everything you’ve been saying in your practice, while at the same time adding value to your follower’s lives. Over time, sharing other people’s work will help you build a more engaged following.

There’s So Much Content to Share

The trick is finding it. Seeking out ideas so you can populate and use your social media accounts will help build awareness about your practice.

We help practices create, organize and distribute authentic social media strategies to engage their community and generate new patient referrals.

We love sharing what we’ve seen work well for other practices and we’d love to hear what’s worked well for you. Drop us a comment below.

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