Introduction to the Mastery Lab Podcast for Dentists & Their Teams

We started a podcast! We know you can’t get enough of Mastery Lab’s dental practice business and marketing coaching gold. Now you can take us with you!

It’s Mastery Lab dental practice mastery on the go.

Mastery Lab Podcast Episode 0

  • Introduction to what the Mastery Lab podcast is all about
  • Overview of Mastery Lab dental coaching philosophy
  • Link to ebook: Get the Yes


Welcome to the Mastery Lab podcast, I’m your host Jackie Adame.

This is actually show 0, let’s call it an intro to what our amazing podcast is all about. This show is dedicated to dentists, dental practice owners, office managers & all the other amazing dental professionals working towards practice excellence.

We’re a bit of a unique business & marketing coaching company. We don’t like to call ourselves a management company but more like mastery coaches. We help practices with custom solutions & formulas (that’s the lab part of our name) for both the business and marketing side of the dental practice, to help you achieve your goals.

The reason I say we’re unique is that we are one of the only coaching programs in our industry that weave practice business coaching with marketing coaching in an completely unbais way. Because we are not tied to any agency, and because we do not have advertising products/campaigns to sell we are able to build solutions & strategies with only your goals in mind, no hidden agendas – just your success.

This podcast will give you tips, tricks, resources & knowledge we use in the strategies & coaching we have found our clients find success with. We’ll have some guest on the show from time to time too.

We’re supporting office across the country, some offices that have consultant from some of the well known, long standing coaching companies we’ve all heard of. Why would a doctor who already has a consultant from a big, well established company want our support right? It’s been fascinating to experience ourselves and we’re going to share some of those case studies & challenges we were able to help with.

I am so happy you checked us out & to show you our appreciation we’ve got a free resource on how to get more Yeses to big case treatment plans. If you’d like to check it out just email me,

We’ll also have the show notes in our posts with a link for a direct download – no need to email me at all if that works better for you.

Thanks again for stopping by.

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